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Back in January of 2000 The Cutting Edge, then known as The Fifth Avene Station, went to perform at the Bridgeport Coastal Chordsmen Installation Diner. This performance was to be our first public performance. We had planned on singing "Hello Mary Lou", "Heart of My Heart", and "In My Room".
When we got to the performance we were asked what the name of the quartet was, we all shrugged our shoulders and said "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"? We told them that we would figure one out as soon as we could and we would tell them before we performed.
We went through many humorous names before we finally got to The Cutting Edge. "Checkers" or "Chess" was the first name someone said (of course in reference to Gil and Sal being of dark skin and Joel of Christian being whiter than Ghosts). Another funny one was "Cafe Con Leche" which of course is Spanish for "Coffee with Milk" (once again referring to the difference in skin color). Gil thought he got a great one, until Joel informed him that "Platinum" was already taken. Then we found one that really summed up the Quartet, "3 Morons and the Village Idiot", but we didn't like the sound of it.
Then Gene Haba (the president of the Coastal Chordsmen came up to me and asked me for the Quartet's name. I was about to tell him some stupid thing off the top of my head when Sal decided to be an idiot and not cut his food with the right side of his knife. Almost at that same moment, Christian turned to Sal and said "Why don't you try the Cutting Edge."
Gene heard this and said "Great name I'll put it on the program", and turned around and left. The members of the quartet were actually oblivious to what name Gene had put down, so until we were called up to sing we didn't even know our name. Now the name has grown on us and we don't remember very often what we would have been, "3 Morons and the Village Idiot".